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Try Budapest – your way!  

When arriving in a big city you probably have everything at hand to get to know the place: guidebooks, travel services, tours, tourist guides. What you are usually running short of is time and the opportunity to make personal ties with the city.

By choosing Try Budapest tours you are not heading for a traditional, thematic or conventional sightseeing tour. What Budapest and you have in common: this shapes the way your trip fills with emotion and becomes a real unforgettable adventure!

We all have our own Budapest – TRY Budapest shows you the one that is only yours.

The City Host concept

The City Hosts of TRY Budapest are the landlords and landladies of the city.

City hosts show you around Budapest just as if  you were guests in their homes. There is only one different thing : a City Host does not make you see the things he prefers, they make you see what you need to see to find your bonds here.

We all have our own Budapest – TRY:Budapest City Hosts are your partners to show you the one that is only yours.

What we offer

We offer tailored and guided sightseeing tours to individual visitors, couples, families and groups coming to Budapest with the help of a City Host.

City walks

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