About us

Meet your own Budapest with us!

A TRY:Budapest citywalk is more than a guided tour.We put the sights of Budapest to a totally new point of view because these sights are much more than just buildings and monuments. Every street and corner has its own story, own life and you can be a part of it! Our City Hosts are working to make every single citywalk a unique one, they don't just want to show the baths, the Gellért hill, the Parliament or the classic topics, they want to connect You with the city, they want to give You to opportunity to discover your own Budapest.
There are plenty of thematic walking tours in the city. What makes TRY: different is personalisation, each tour is unique, tailor made. We do not commit to only one topic, we commit to our guests. Imagine that You don't visit only the regular shights, but You walk on a route which is designed only for You, the stops are according to your interests, You can easily tie with the city. Everything is about You! This is the way we desing our citywalks! Experiences, stories, your own Budapest!
A walk with someone who is more than a tour guide: this is a TRY: citywalk.

Time is running

When arriving in a big city you probably have everything at hand to get to know the place: guidebooks, travel services, tours, tourist guides. What you are usually running short of is time and the opportunity to make personal ties with the city.
The mission of Try Budapest is to give Budapest-visitors a unique opportunity to make the most of their time here! Whether it is their first time visiting or they are returning guests.
To make this encounter a real adventure, you need to make emotional bonds and you have to explore the common ground.
By choosing Try Budapest tours you are not heading for a traditional, thematic or conventional sightseeing tour. We offer tailored city walks so that you can see what you want to see. The focus is never on what we want to show, but rather what you would like to see and experience.

Try Budapest is a unique experience formed by your particular interests, desires, and mood.
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