City Hosts

The City Hosts of TRY:Budapest are the landlords and landladies of the city.

City hosts show you around Budapest just as if you were guests in their homes. There is only one different thing : a City Host does not make you see the things he prefers, they make you see what you need to see to find your bonds here.

When exploring Budapest with our City Hosts, you will see numerous attractions, hear plenty of invaluable information and will surely experience such things that apply to you and are important for you. TRY:Budapest City Hosts are your partners to show you the one that is only yours.

Birthday or other special occasion? A City Host is prepared!

A City Host is prepared to adjust the citywalk to the actual life events of the guests (birthday, name day, anniversary etc.). This way the citywalk will be full of surprises, happy and touching moments.

A City Host is not only a tour guide who shows you the baths or the Palace. Our City Hosts are looking for the bonds and connections with the guests, they get know You and look for sights interests You. It is not a classic tour, it is designed for the guest, for the occasion, for the group.
There is no as personalised tour as a City Host can make it.
The group citytours are real unique experiences for the guests.
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